За конференцията

International scientific session for lecturers, students and PhD students
November 21 – 22, 2013
Dobrich, Bulgaria


І. Education and economy

  • Management, quality and innovations in economy
  • Education and quality of human resources in the context of the common European labour market
  • Theoretical, methodological and axiological problems of continuing education for sustainable development
  • New educational values for sustainable development
  • Mission of continuing education in the context of global and regional problems of society
  • Common and unique characteristics of continuing education social strategies in the EU countries
  • Common and unique characteristics in the development of national and interstate systems of education
  • Continuing education as an innovative model of professional education and prerequisite for innovative development of state and society.
  • Lifelong development of professional competences: the place and role of the state, society, business and man himself in the practical implementation of the process.
  • Models and technologies in the system of higher education.
  • Continuing professional education as an additional unused economic and social resource of state and society.


ІІ. Education in postmodern society

  • Postmodern culture of the individual learner
  • Postmodern accents in the role of the individual learner
  • Current parameters of knowledge and its management
  • Game-like approach and е-communication in teaching and learning
  • E-textbook and e-book
  • Connectivism and learning
  • Group work and group methods
  • Current parameters of learning as an activity
  • Effective technologies of teaching and learning in a global environment
  • The modern school
  • The modern teacher and the modern learner
  • The learning organization


Material requirements:

All accepted materials (papers) will be published in one of the following languages: Bulgarian, English or Russian, immediately after the Fourth session

  • By November 15, 2013 each participant should present the text of their paper and the means of presentation - either by electronic presentation up to 10 slides or by video conferencing, according to the session program, which should be sent in advance.
  • The size of the manuscript should not exceed 8 pages in print, font - Times New Roman, size - 12 (MS Word), line spacing - 1.5 throughout.
  • The title of the manuscript should be centralized and printed in capital letters in Bulgarian, Russian or English, followed by the author's name printed on a separate line with capital and small letters.
  • After a blank line, the title of the report should be printed in English in capital letters and, accordingly, the name of the author – in capital and small letters. At the beginning of the report, a Summary and keywords should be included, respectively, in Bulgarian, Russian or English up to 10 lines. At the end of the text, contact details of the author should be presented.
  • All tables, graphs, etc. should be in separate files